Welcome to DrunkLab online shop.

This shop has been founded in 2015 by DrunkLab Team members with participation of HamCom Electronics Ltd. That means buying our products here guarantees that your payments come directly to developers team and you get technical support directly from developers. The shortest chain – the best choice, isn’t it?

By the way, if you are not newbie in the truck repair business, some our products should be well-known to you.

They are:

  • MAN editor by SJ (discontinued, published for free at MHH, stolen and sold by some unabashed guys, hi-hi)
  • DAF editor software “Devik” (currently supported)
  • Volvo DrunkTool – a bit more powerful tool than DevTool2. Published at MHH and DK. Freeware.
  • And, certainly, Mochester and Mochester2 – our powerful tools for quick and safe remote tuning. Client modules are free and uploaded to your PC every time you order our tuning service. Be sure that if you have Mochester icon on your desktop you deal with real DrunkLab specialists. Why? See the quote from our manifest below.

1) We never sell Mochester server modules to anybody.

2) We don’t sell any PC software since 2016: we publish it for free or don’t sell at all.

3) We sell hardware and tuning services only.

Dear friends! On behalf of DrunkLab I would like to give thanks to all current and new customers and dealers. Your interest to our products keeps this project running and developing. We promise to do our best for customer satisfaction. It’s our pleasure to make new quality products and services for you.

Sincerely yours,
DrunkLab Team