High-performance standalone tool for NOx/SCR delete tuning.


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High-performance standalone tool for non-NOx/SCR programming

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Rel. 1.2 RVI

Legal framework of using this equipment.

This tool is used for  ECM  (Engine control module) tuning. The final goal is changing engine performance characteristics to comply with customer requirements.
This tool, its hardware and software are the intellectual property of DrunkLab Sp. Z.o.
Software supplied as part of this tool is a subject of end user license agreement which is an integral part of Public Agreement of DrunkLabStore online shop.
The tool design, its hardware combination, internal diagram and software are subjects of copyright protection.
Customer takes full responsibility of tehnical inspections and certification of his equipment regardless of software he is using. DrunkLabStore do not accept returns due to certification incompatibilities. 
Using of this device is customer’s own risk. Failures of electronic control modules are not covered by product warranty.

Main features:

1. High programming speed: only 10sec per one truck
2. Permanently removes 25 or 40% torque reduction and NOx/SCR-related fault codes.
3. Unlimited quantity of programming operations
4. Strong electrical and mechanical protection
5. Lifetime warranty and technical support for all users.
6. Easy to use: no any controls, plug-and-play design.
7. Reversibility: you can continue using AdBlue any time.


Vehicle support list:

(2007 – 2013)

1. Volvo trucks version2: all European models (FH, FM, FMX, FL, FE) with all engines from D7 to D16, from Euro4 to Euro5 ratings (EM-EC06, EM-EC04, EMEEV)
2. Volvo buses version2: all engines.
3. Renault DXi version2: all engines.

NEW!!! D13B Euro4 engines EGR delete option included!


Instruction manual:

“Mochara” has 5 status LEDs onboard. LED functions are described below.

1. GREEN. Indicates power supply from diagnostic socket.
2. BLUE. Incoming data from vehicle. Flashes when data in vehicle databus is detected.
3. YELLOW. Outgoing data to vehicle. Flashes while programming goes on.
4. RED. Security status. Lights continuously if no critical errors occurred.
5. WHITE. Programming completed status. Lights when programming is successfully done.

How to use this equipment:
1. Turn the truck’s keyswitch to the OFF position and wait for 10sec.
2. Plug the device into the diagnostic socket. Use adapter (included) if necessary.
3. Turn the keyswitch ON.
4. Look at the LEDs: green and red should light during all programming process. See the Troubleshooting section in any other case.
5. Wait until white LED comes on (typically 7 sec).
6. Turn the keyswitch OFF.
7. Remove the NOX fuse from fuseboard (usually F10 for Volvo and F59 for Renault)
8. Disconnect the device from diagnostic socket. Everything is done.

Note: if you want to continue using adblue (e.g. inspection comes) you can easily insert the NOx fuse into fuseboard. SCR aftertreatment will work (if it is in working condition). Of course, you can remove the fuse again and enjoy the non-SCR mode.
If you meet any problem using this equipment, please make a video of the LEDs and send to DrunkLab Company or any DrunkLab authorized dealer.
Typical faulty conditions are indicated by LEDs. They are the following:
1. Green ON, red ON, blue NOT BLINKING – databus fault. Check the J1708 wiring on the truck.
2. Green OFF – no power supply. Check the wiring and fuses.
3. Green ON, red OFF, white OFF – general security failure. Contact DrunkLab.
4. Green ON, red OFF, white ON – unsupported ECU. Contact DrunkLab and be ready t provide the truck’s data e.g. VIN and chassis serial number.


Each device is covered by D3LW™ program. D3LW is DrunkLab Limited Lifetime Warranty. We exchange broken unit to the new one if no damages of enclosure and no cracking and copying attempts detected.

Note: No user serviceable parts inside. Please don’t try to disassemble the device. It will void the warranty.

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