MAN reconfiguration. Offline ECU addition/deletion/replacement.




Legal framework for the use of this spare part (software) and remote download service.

This software is an aftermarket spare part. According with Articles 110 (1), 8(1) CDR the spare part “Software” is not covered by spare part design protection as this is “must-fit” part and therefore it must not be a subject of any control including approval or disapproval actions from the OEM side.
Remote programming service means transferring of the software directly to control unit using communication equipment provided by Customer (see “System Requirements” section. Software cannot be sold separately of programming service.
Customer’s exclusive right to choose software supplier for any kind of his own equipment is covered by Articles 101 and 102 TEFU (aka Competition protection Act).
Software supplied as afreamarket spare part is the intellectual property of DrunkLab Co. Ltd. N-Tools is the official DrunkLab representative according with General Representation Contract no.1/2015.
Software is a subject of end user license agreement which is an integral part of Public Agreement of N-Tools online shop.
Customer takes full responsibility of tehnical inspections and certification of his equipment regardless of spare parts he is using. N-Tools do not accept returns due to certification incompatibilities.

Remote. Quick. Safe.


Main features:

  • Any possible configurations
  • New ECU number: Any (higher or lower)
  • Used ECUs adaptation
  • Combined (from 2 or more) trucks support
  • ECAM deletion (mechanical air control installing)
  • Retarder deletion
  • KSM deletion
  • FFR/EDC pairing
  • …and more


  1. Complete order of this service. In the “Comments” field tell us planned time of connection and VIN number. Please note that our engineers are available from 6AM to 6PM by GMT.
  2. Complete payment steps and ensure that your order has “Paid” status.
  3. You will receive email message with engineer’s contact data (Please note that preferred way of quick messaging is Viber, you may download it here)
  4. If you have time corrections and/or technical questions feel free to contact the engineer.
  5. By the planned time inform the engineer that it’s time to start reprogramming. Please don’t touch anything that can make interference until engineer says “Done”.
  6. Once operation completed check that no one emission-related code is active. You may use truck’s info display or MANCATS software.

System requirements:

  • Laptop/PC/VM with MAN CATS 2 installed
  • Communication adapter for MANCATS.
  • TeamViewer (download latest version from

That’s all!

Don’t have anything from this list? Call your mechanic, he has it!

You’re a mechanic and plan to do a lot of business with us? Feel free to contact us! We are glad to meet new dealers.

Warranty terms and conditions:

This product is covered by D3LW™ program. D3LW is DrunkLab Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Warranty cases are solved in priority order. Policy is “fix or return”, that means full refund in case of impossibility to fix the problem immediately.

Warranty cases are:

  • SCR-related fault code appears during truck usage period.
  • SCR-related message is shown on the display
  • Torque derate caused by SCR fault codes

Non-warranty cases are:

  • ECU replacement (different ECU serial numbers detected than stored into database during reprogramming)
  • Software update campaign performed (different software detected)
  • Copyright violation. Cracking/readout attempts detected