VILKUS Granite US14. DPF/SCR-off solution. Version for VN/VNL/MACK US14 (2014-up, OBD socket).


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Vilkus Granite, US14/US17 version

DPF/SCR disable solution.

For North American trucks: Volvo VN and MACK 2014 and up (even 2018, even 2019!)

Exclusive offer: Free hardware, free shipping! You pay for software part only!


Legal framework for the use of this equipment.

This module is supplied as alternate spare part (alternative control unit). According with Articles 110 (1), 8(1) CDR the spare part “Control unit” is not covered by spare part design protection as this is “must-fit” part.
Customer’s exclusive right to choose spare parts manufacturer is protected by Articles 101 and 102 TEFU (aka Competition protection Act). This is NOT a safety-related spare part.
Though end customer must not be limited in his freedom to choose spare parts, installing of this unit may result a warranty refusal. Refer to your warranty agreement with truck supplier before purchasing this product for warranty covered truck.
Module internal hardware design and its software are the intellectual property of HamCom Electronics LLC and DrunkLab LLC.
Customer takes full responsibility for tehnical inspections and certification of his equipment regardless of parts he is using. N-Tools do not accept returns due to certification incompatibilities.
Although this equipment cannot cause any negative performance and safety effects, using of this device is customer’s own risk.

Main features:

  • No SCR/DPF related fault codes
  • No derates under any conditions
  • Half-tank of AdBlue on the display
  • HCDEA™ – HamCom Dynamic Emulation algorithm
  • Always low soot ratio (Important! No emulation of the regeneration process! No dangerous exhaust temperatures! No risk of explosion!)
  • No regen requests on the display
  • Reversibility

System requirements:

  • Basic hand tools
  • Experience of working with truck wiring and connectors
  • Multimeter and/or scope in case of troubleshooting

In the kit:

1. Emulator module: sealed metal box with 8-pin connector. Shockproof, waterproof dustproof, EMI-proof, non-serviceable electronic device.
2. Installation cable with 2 terminals for direct mounting into ACM harness connector.

How to install:

  1. Disconnect harness connector from the ACM. ACM is located near DEF tank.
  2. Disconnect two NOx sensors.
  3. Turn the key switch on. Check DEF level gauge, it should show non-zero DEF level.
  4. Erase fault codes if necessary.
  5. Some faults cannot be erased with standard diagnostic tools. If you still have derate warning or other SCR/DPF related message please prepare your diagnostic laptop for remote connection.

Warranty terms:

This product is covered by D3LW™ program. D3LW is DrunkLab Limited Lifetime Warranty. Warranty policy is “return and replace”. Installation cable is not included in the warranty program.

Note: We kindly ask you to be extremely careful when connecting this device. Most of claims are due to improper connection or truck harness faults. 

Warranty cases are:

  • Device stopped working fully or partially during usage period

Non-warranty cases are:

  • Mechanically cracked device and/or device connector
  • Damaged installation cable
  • Device abuse (high voltage, agressive moistures etc)
  • Disassembling attempts and other copyright violations.